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येपुष्पभगवानकोचढाओ, तीनबारजलपियोऔरतीनबारउनकाउच्चारणकरोजिन्हैआपसुबह-शाम , दिन - रातउठतेबैठतेयादकरतेहो. केजरीवालजोरजोरसे -- मोदीमोदीमोदी।।
केजरीवाल :- ईदमुबारक, ईदबहुतपुरानापर्वहै। पत्रकार :- मतलब? केजरीवाल :- महाभारतमेंभीज़िक्रहै, भीष्मपितामहकहतेथे, "आओउस्मानभाई" पत्रकार (अपनासरफोड़तेहुए): वोउस्मानभाईनहींबे, "आयुष्मानभवः" कहतेथे!
देशहितकोध्यानमेंरखतेहुए, केजरीवालकाअंडशंडतुड़वानेकेलिएउसेजूसकेबजाए, सूर्यवंशमवालीखीरदेदेनाचाहिए!!
खुलेआमनंगीहोनेमेंवेश्याएँदूसरेस्थानपरहै, केजरीवालसरअभीभीपहलेनंबरपरबनेहुएहैं !!
केजरीवालको, अबउपराज्यपालपरशादीकाझाँसादेकर, बलात्कार

बलात्कार का आरंभ

बलात्कार का आरंभ

मुझे पता है 90 % बिना पढ़े ही निकल लेंगे

आखिर भारत जैसे देवियों को पूजने वाले देश में बलात्कार की गन्दी मानसिकता कहाँ से आयी ~~

आखिर क्या बात है कि जब प्राचीन भारत के रामायण, महाभारत आदि लगभग सभी हिन्दू-ग्रंथ के उल्लेखों में अनेकों लड़ाईयाँ लड़ी और जीती गयीं, परन्तु विजेता सेना द्वारा किसी भी स्त्री का बलात्कार होने का जिक्र नहीं है।

तब आखिर ऐसा क्या हो गया ??  कि आज के आधुनिक भारत में बलात्कार रोज की सामान्य बात बन कर रह गयी है ??

~श्री राम ने लंका पर विजय प्राप्त की पर न ही उन्होंने और न उनकी सेना ने पराजित लंका की स्त्रियों को हाथ लगाया ।

~महाभारत में पांडवों की जीत हुयी लाखों की संख्या में योद्धा मारे गए। पर किसी भी पांडव सैनिक ने किसी भी कौरव सेना की विधवा स्त्रियों को हाथ तक न लगाया ।

अब आते हैं ईसापूर्व इतिहास में~

220-175 ईसापूर्व में यूनान के शासक "डेमेट्रियस प्रथम" ने भारत पर आक्रमण किया। 183 ईसापूर्व के लगभग उसने पंजाब को जीतकर साकल को अपनी राजधानी बनाया और पंजाब सहित सिन्ध पर भी राज किया। लेकिन उसके पूरे समयकाल में बलात्कार का कोई जिक्र नहीं।


Complete history of Babri Masjid

History of Babri Masjid in Simplified Time-Line until its demolishing and later, until relevance.1525: Babur invades north India and takes over a substantial part. 1528: One of his generals, Mir Baqi comes to Ayodhya and builds a mosque, which is named after the ruler, Babri Masjid (Babur’s Mosque). 1853: First recorded incident of violence over the matter of the masjid. A Hindu sect claims the structure was built after tearing down a temple. Such violent incidents keep occurring in the following couple of years after which the civil administration steps in to only refuse permission to build a temple. 1859: The colonial British administration fences the site, marking separate areas of worship for Hindus and Muslims. That is how it stands for about next 90 years. 1883: Efforts in 1883 to construct a temple are frozen by the Deputy Commissioner in 19 January 1885. An appeal is filed before the Faizabad District Judge who dismisses it. A Second Appeal is filed on 25 May 1886, before the Judi…

How India got enslaved for 1000 years

How India got enslaved for 1000 years ? The Biggest lesson of history forgotten by India.The story of Raja Dahir the last Hindu king of Sindh and Mohd Bin Qasim the founder of Pakistan.

“I am going to meet the Arabs in the open battle, and fight them as best as I can. If I crush them, my kingdom will then be put on a firm footing. But if I am killed honourably, the event will be recorded in the books of Arabia and India, and will be talked about by great men. It will be heard by other kings in the world, and it will be said that Raja Dahir of Sindh sacrificed his precious life for the sake of his country, in fighting with the enemy."
Raja Dahir

The History books of Pakistan begin with Mohd Bin Qasim the 17 yr old Islamic invader who conquered Sindh in 8th century. They don’t mention anything of any king before him. Pakistan history says Pakistanis were ruled by tyrannical idol worshiping Kafir kings and Bin Qasim was sent by God to liberate them and so he is the founder of Pakist…

Supreme Court firecrackers ban in Delhi NCR

Delhi Firecrackers Sale ban by Supreme Court.

Today, I am going to share different views on Supreme Court’s decision of banning crackers in Delhi NCR for coming Diwali 2017. I did a little research and found few interesting conversations over different social media channels.
I try to dig in details and observed that people who are over educated are in support of this decision. While on the other hand common man “Aam Aadmi” is not happy with this ban. Almost every common man is asking why there’s ban on crackers when it’s part of our culture and festival. Few extremely religious people are angry with this decision and calling Supreme Court Biased. It’s because they believe people with non Hindu religion are interfering in Hindu festivals only such as Diwali, Holi, JalliKattu, Dashahehra, Raksha Bandhan, Karwa Chauth and so on.
They seem right because I talk to a lot of people and 8 out of 10 were saying the same thing. Some tried to merge two different issues such as Diwali 2017 and…

Indian Journalism

Indian Journalism  Look at this image first and so that you might get idea about today's discussion. Hope this will help everyone to understand that today, I am going to speak about few journalists. As per themselves they are the only one who are unbiased. Rest other reporters are completely biased and publish paid news.

Well the problem is not with these kind of journalists. The actual problem is with the people who believe in them. I don't know whether you all will agree with me or not but I completely stopped giving attention to any journalist. Let's take an example of Sudhir Chaudhar who is very known personality in Indian Media. It's not because he is unbiased, it's because he always speak in favor of government and defend government policy.

And did anyone noticed that silently people are supporting government that's why he got so much support and fame.

This is one type of journalism which support government and do their best to keep people engage with go…

India Rohingya Muslims Terror Ties

India Rohingya Muslims Terror Ties

The heading says it all. India Rohingya Muslims terror ties and it has been proved by government in debate. As per the report of Aljazeera News India's government said, it has evidence showing some Rohingya in the country have ties to "terror organisations" and pose a security threat that justifies a mass deportation of the ethnic group.

India's home ministry said it would confidentially share intelligence information with the Supreme Court showing Rohingya links with Pakistan-based armed groups, in a bid to get legal clearance for plans to deport 40,000 Rohingya.

Now the question is why I am talking this today? why am I so much concerned about this issue? Well I would like to inform you that even after having evidences, few of our politicians are supporting them to get aid from government. They want all the Rohingya Refugees to settle down here in India so that they could get some votes. It's all about shitty politics which ma…